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Annalisa Bassi graduated in Law, with a score of 110 cum laude (with honors), from the Parma State University , on 11th November 1982 with a thesis in public economic law.

She is a Court of cassation lawyer and she was admitted to the Bar Association of Parma since 21st October 1988 and has practiced since then.

She worked, both on her own and in collaboration with the Law Firm & Partners Villa in Parma from 1997 to September 2015. She has been practicing law in her own studio in Parma in Strada Repubblica, 56 since October 2015.

Annalisa Bassi mainly focuses her practice on administrative law issues in private relations with the Independent Administrative Authorities in insurance, banking and supplemental health insurance matters, as well as on public and private tenders, expropriations, town planning and building industry, health care, environment, with activities both Judicial - ahead of Civil Judges and Administrative Judges, Court of Accounts - and extrajudicial.

She also focuses her practice on civil issues in insurance law, rights in rem, bankruptcy law and civil liability.

She works as a of counsel with the Professor and Advocate Albina Candian giving legal advice and legal counseling in the area of Administrative Law.

Annalisa Bassi also regularly advises both private companies and participated companies by Public Entities operating in the Public Administration sector, in building and town planning sector, with regard to Building Permit, Commencement Notice, to declaration of commencement of works (dichiarazione di inizio attività, or DIA) to certified notice of commencement of works (segnalazione certificata di inizio attività, or SCIA) drafting of implementing urban plans (piani urbanistici attuativi , or PUA) and of agreements with Public Administration (pubblica amministrazione or PA) in order to interpret and apply local urban planning according to rules and regulations (Piano Strutturale Comunale or PSC), (Piano Operativo Comunale or POC, Regolamento Urbanistico Edilizio or RUE) and relations with local authorities.

She has worked with Training Albina Candian srl, both in the writing up of the insurance training manual "Theoretical and practical knowledge on insurance", according to the Private Insurance Code referred to in Decree-Law No. 209 of September 7, 2005 and in the related educational activities by participating in training days for insurance intermediaries, in relation to administrative penalties and the Insurance Supervision functions.

Annalisa Bassi has participated in the drafting of a book entitled "Code of Private Insurance annotated with the doctrine and jurisprudence", (“Codice delle Assicurazioni Private annotato con la dottrina e la giurisprudenza”) recently published, writing on administrative and disciplinary sanctions that can be imposed by the Institution for the Supervision of Insurance (Istituto per la vigilanza sulle assicurazioni or IVASS)

She also participated in a specialization course at the Milan State University in the academic year 2012/2013 in Insurance Law, Supplementary Health and Supplementary Pension under the direction of the coordinator Professor Albina Candian.

She attended two seminars organized by the Italian Society of Administrative laweys, held at TAR, (tribunale amministrativo regionale) the Lombardy Regional Administrative Court of Milan concerning "The (new) tendering process" in 2011 and "The contracts: substantive discipline and procedural issues" in 2012.

She has over the years held a series of meetings organized by the Parma Bar Association concerning administrative procedural law.

She was invited by the Milan State University to hold a meeting on powers and functions of IVASS, the Institution for the Supervision of Insurance, on 31st October, 2013.

On June 26th, 2014 she gave a lecture on "Insurance Law, Supplementary Health and Supplementary Pensions" at specialization course at the Milan State University as she had been invited as a speaker.

Annalisa Bassi is a member National Association for Supplementary Health (Associazione Nazionale Sanità Integrativa or ANSI), of Mutual Aid Societies and generally the Health Funds based in Formello (Rome).

As a member of ANSI she has participated in the meeting organized by National Anti-Corruption Authority (Autorità Nazionale Anticorruzione or ANAC) on supplementary health care services and public contracts relating to the allocation to the employees of Public Authorities.

Annalisa Bassi took part in the specialization course at the University of Milan in the academic year 2015/2016 in Financial Markets Law.

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